Fanart Compilation, 2

Another round of fanart I’ve drawn in my spare time (i.e. YGO and DGM art dump time)!

Judai and Yubel
Judai and Yubel (for Judai’s bday)

I’m either drawing candy-eating criminals or tragic purple haired characters, there’s no inbetween.

Another Yubel

As for non-YGO art, we have…. yeah, it’s all Mana.

Their poses are from chapter 219’s artwork, easily my favorite chapter artwork. At first I was only going to draw the first image but I made a matching set with Nea as well.

Chapter 219 Spoilers
I wanted to draw a 4th set to the iconic snow falling scene, as “Allen” and Mana have already been drawn together in the pose in their other forms (volume 1 cover, chapter 219 cover, Reverse light novel 3 cover).

Last but not least… my favorite boys in the series, the Walkers!

I love them both so much… I’m so scared for the next chapter.

Extra: A quick colored sketch of Red Arm!Allen and Allen the dog from volume 27. (can you tell what my favorite CSP brush is?)

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