I am open for marketing consultations for visual novels and story-driven games. These are typically 1 hour sessions that are done via voice chat on Discord (text meetings are also available).

Things to note:

➤ I reserve the right to reject services to projects or project owners for any reason, including the usage of hate speech or harmful imagery.
➤ These are conversations and conversations are a 2-way street. I will have questions & feedback for you but I expect you to come to the consultation with questions for me.
➤ You will be billed via PayPal invoice once the initial consultation is over.

Free Evaluation

You can send me your social media and a pitch of your game and/or crowdfunding campaign and I’ll give you my estimation of if it can succeed or not. I will decide if I can provide consultation, at which case we’ll decide on a date to meet.

Crowdfunding Consultation

$100/hour + 2% revenue fee

The initial consultation meeting is $100 per hour which will be charged once the meeting is over. Once the crowdfunding is over, if it is successful then I will take an additional 2% of the total amount raised from it.

We can arrange to meet to discuss an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We will meet for 1 hour via Discord (voice or text) and we will go over your campaign, give feedback, and answer any questions you have, formulate ideas, and more. If your crowdfunding page is not created yet, then we can go over ideas for it.

If we don’t go over the crowdfunding draft page during the hour meeting because it’s not ready, I will look over it at any point afterwards when it’s ready as part of the initial consultation fee.

I will not look at currently ongoing campaigns or campaigns that launch in less than a couple of weeks. I do accept visual novels that have had unsuccessful campaigns in the past.

General Consultation


I can provide general marketing consultation for visual novel studios about a variety of things.

➤ Branding strategies
➤ Social media strategies
➤ Customer acquisition
➤ Directing teams

…and more!

How to get the most out of this

This is a conversation. While I will review your social media and documents you send before our meeting, I get the best results when you have questions for me ready. If you have something you want me to research before the meeting, please tell me so I can be prepared and not waste any time! For instance, I had a consultation on different story genre markets in the English sphere and I was able to prepare research because the client told me ahead of time. You don’t have to tell me every question ahead of time, but if there’s something I’ll need to research like markets then it’s better to let me know before the meeting.

Have a clear mind of what you want out of the session so we can steer it in that direction. I can talk about marketing all day but in order for you to get what you need, I need to know what you want out of the consultation.

My consultations are my opinions. You’re free to take my advice, reach out to other marketers, or not listen to me. I do not provide social media services—it is up to you to act on my advice.

Projects I’ve marketed

Contact me at…

Discord: arimia