Enamored Risks Postmortem

Enamored Risks was my / Crystal Game Works’ NaNoRenO 2020 entry. At the time of writing this (or at least, starting), we released it a couple days ago and are currently working on the Steam build.

A few stats on the game:

  • It’s a little over 52,000 words
  • It has 3 routes- 2 male (Finn & Paxton) and 1 female (Zaina)
  • 10 artists submitted promo art
  • Started accepting team member applications in mid February
  • Over 100 people applied for various positions
  • We required Discord for communication
  • Currently has almost 1,000 downloads on day 3 of Itchio

So, where to begin? I suppose the beginning…

Click page 2 to begin!

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