No NaNoRenO Plans

Figured I’d make a post just to clarify, incase anyone was wondering- no, I don’t plan on entering NaNoRenO this year, despite wanting to. I think it’ll be best to save my month-long slots for VNs for later in the year once That Which Binds Us is finished (and when it gets closer to Yuri Jam and IGMC), and I just really don’t have the time for NaNoRenO. I’ve got my own projects to work on that I’ve already started and I have other people’s projects that I’m either helping with or working on as well, and that’s not to mention school work. So, while I do want to enter NaNo at least some time in the next few years, it won’t be this year.

โ€‹Instead, I’ll be aiming to release some beta builds for That Which Binds Us!